Movin’ On In……

I’ve been living alone for almost the past decade.  I’ve gotten very used to my space, my freedom, my rules.  Throughout these years there were plenty of men I could have lived with, if I had wanted to.  But it was rare that I wanted to spend more than a couple of days a week with someone, let alone 7!  I’m very particular about my space, my things, how I decorate my home, etc.  So, the thought of having to compromise on some of these things with another person, was a bit scary.  But, alas, all it took was the right person to make these fears go away (well, sorta.)  My boyfriend and I are moving in together and I could not be more excited!  Of course, there is a bit of anxiety, but that mainly has to do with all of the “not fun” stuff that comes with packing and moving.  The thought of living with my love, however, brings me much happiness.  He is very easy going and was nice enough to give me the bigger closet and the bigger bathroom.  This makes sense, given the amount of clothes and shoes I have.  He just has a couple simple requests–we must have DirectTv (fine by me) and he prefers leather couches (over fabric.)  That one will take a little getting used to, but it’s a small price to pay to move in with the love of my life 🙂  Will write again once we are all settled in.  Again, another reminder to never give up on meeting that special someone.  When you are open to the possibilities and are at the right place in your life, they will find you.  I’m proof of this!


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