Wedding Bells

Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve written.  And a lot has happened during that time.  Moving in together was pretty seamless (aside from the occasional food crumbs my man leaves on the counter) and definitely loads of fun.  I love coming home to each other every day, going to sleep together every night […]

Movin’ On In……

I’ve been living alone for almost the past decade.  I’ve gotten very used to my space, my freedom, my rules.  Throughout these years there were plenty of men I could have lived with, if I had wanted to.  But it was rare that I wanted to spend more than a couple of days a week […]

A Little About Me…..

I’m very excited to start this blog!  I’ll be writing about all types of things, but mainly my dating life over the past eight years.  You name it, I’ve dated it.  My hope is that my stories will resonate with you and maybe they will also provide you with hope!  I never gave up in […]